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Fuel your FG Wilson genset with HVO

At GeniWatt, we want to play our part in the energy transition and support you in doing so.

The ambition of the FETIS Group, of which we are a part, is to contribute to the national low-carbon strategy (SNBC), reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) by 50% by 2035.

HVO, a renewable biofuel, is a response to decarbonisation and is compatible with the FG Wilson generating sets that we install on your premises.

What is HVO and can I use it on my FG Wilson generating set?

HVO is a 100% renewable biofuel. The abbreviation “HVO” stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil.
It’s a biofuel produced from waste, waste oil or grease, such as cooking oil.

  • You can use HVO as a low-carbon fuel, to replace diesel fuel in your FG Wilson gensets.
  • You can start using HVO right away, without waiting for a new genset.
  • You can mix it with diesel fuel in the same tank, this will have absolutely no effect on the operation of the generating set.
  • Performance will be maintained, and warranties too!

Why switching to HVO?

Check our video about HVO in FG Wilson gensets


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