Our 2 beautiful babies are leaving!

Our 2 beautiful babies, each weighing 5 tonnes 😮 are out of the workshop 🥳
And they're off to French Polynesia to visit our customer @Polydiesel ☀️

These two 250 kVA gensets have been mounted on trailers and customised to make it easier to intervene in the event of a power cut ⚡They will be used as emergency network back-up in the event of natural hazards (floods, landslides, storms, etc), breakdowns, breakages or possibly work.

More specifically, here's what the entire GeniWatt team was involved in:
✅ design, manufacture and assembly of power cable reels (30m)
✅ design, manufacture and installation of a box for storing cable protectors, a mast for stacking site studs and a storage box for site panels
✅ installation of flashing lights (lighting and regulatory marking)
✅ installation of a fuel filler cap on the outer bonnet
✅ installation of an integrated 400V three-phase / 220 three-phase switchable power inverter
✅ installation and parameter setting of a DSE74-10 control module
✅ 50/60Hz control
✅ customised paintwork

A great job done in 6 weeks 💪