Oil management system

At GeniWatt, we don't just ship gensets.
We work across the entire energy solutions environment ⚡to offer a complete installation that matches our customers' needs. Here we designed and installed an oil management circuit for the generating sets on the Ile de Sein 🏝️

🎯 The purpose of this oil circuit? To make it easier to change the oil in the engines of the generating sets, and to simplify the transport and storage of new and used oil.

The concept?
At the source, 2 tanks of 1700L each + 2 retention tanks with frames for the oil tarpaulins.
Over 50 metres of stainless steel tubing transport the oil, with a compressed air system to operate the pumps and a compressed air reel.
An oil hose reel fitted with an electronic gun supplies new oil for filling the generator housings.
And finally, a used oil management system equipped with 3-way valves, to transfer the oil into the used oil tank or directly into the barrels outside, ready to return to the mainland for treatment.

All installed by GeniWatt in 2 weeks💪