A new installation for the Chausey islands

A bit of marine freshness 🌬️ for our return to work with the installation of this fourth production genset for the Chausey Islands!

This P275-5 FG Wilson genset has been modified by our technical team in the workshop with:
- Modification of the oil system (change of the engine heater for a less powerful one, addition of an automatic oil top-up, addition of an oil separator to recover the oil and reinject it in the circuit, addition of an oil tank)
- Addition of an automatic fuel transfer pump
- Installation of a retention tank
- Replacement of the AVR to vary the power according to the needs of the network
- Replacement of the control module with a DSE7410 to retrieve all the parameters of the genset on the supervision in Modbus TCP IP
- Addition of a PMG to allow a better recovery of the network impacts
- Installation of a motorised circuit breaker for synchronisation with the 3 other gensets
- Cutting for the passage of an inlet and outlet air duct, and filling of the other air passages

Modifications, delivery and installation in less than a month for this production genset ⚡