Hybrid Gensets

GeniWatt Hybrid solution for Telecoms

GeniWatt has developed a hybrid power package, combining an FG Wilson diesel generating set with specially designed lithium battery package.

The first package produced has been designed specifically for the telecoms industry.

Groupe hybride GeniWatt Groupe électrogène FG Wilson

The in-house telematics package has been designed specifically for GeniWatt and allows users to monitor the status of the hybrid genset from anywhere in the world. Real time information is available on the state of charge and state of health of the lithium battery pack, and all the necessary parameters of the engine and alternator. The Hybrid genset can also be fully controlled remotely.

Due to the innovative design, with a nominal discharge power (3 kW), the diesel engine is only working 1/3 of the time for battery charging, allowing low maintenance and low fuel consumption. The generator is working on it is best efficiency, optimized fix speed in order to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance.


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