Marine generator

GeniWatt has designed this marine generator set according to the customer's specifications, for installation on a marine barge and therefore subject to spray. Consequently, we designed and produced a stainless steel enclosure, and we moved the control module to the control room.

Main characteristics:
  • Perkins engine
  • Meccalte generator
  • 1500 rpm diesel
  • Stainless steel canopy
  • DCP10 control panel
  • Plastic diesel fuel tank type

Onboard genset with heater

GeniWatt prepared this FG Wilson 65 kVA generator set with a Perkins engine, for installation in the engine room of a trawler.

Main changes made:
  • Integration of a second control module in the control room
  • Coastal impregnation of the alternator

However, we have kept the original air/water exchanger.

Ship genset

GeniWatt designed these 65 kVA generator sets with Perkins-Saber 4.4TGM engine, for installation in the engine room.

Main changes made:
  • Diesel fuel supply from the boat's tanks
  • Diesel filter by-pass decanter
  • Second control module in control room
  • Coastal impregnation of the generator with a specific varnish for coastal environments
  • 24V electric motor circuit isolated from earth
  • Fresh water / sea water exchanger and cooled exhaust


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