Diesel Gensets

FG Wilson diesel gensets

GeniWatt is a fully authorised distributor for FG Wilson generating sets.

FG Wilson is the largest diesel generating set manufacturer in Europe and the third largest genset manufacturer worldwide. FG Wilson and Perkins engines are sister companies, both fully owned by Caterpillar, a leader in terms of quality.

The FG Wilson production facilities, located in Larne, UK and Tianjin China are the most advanced global genset production facilities.

FG Wilson has one of the largest, most comprehensive product ranges of any generating set manufacturer

  • From 6.8 kVA to 2500 kVA
  • Perkins engines
  • Canopy: Open or soundproof, different models of sound attenuated canopies available dependant on customer needs: CALG, CAE (all are soundproof in accordance with phase II of the European directive 2000/14/CE)
  • Several available options: Water Heater, 4-pole circuit breaker, fuel tank, CE Certification, battery charger, changeover panels, synchronizable control panel, remote monitoring
Gamme Petite Puissance GeniWatt Groupe électrogène diesel FG Wilson

Small Range <220 kVA

Generator sets with 6.8 - 220 kVA for small to medium enterprises that require reliable and consistent power supply.

Gamme Moyenne Puissance GeniWatt Groupe électrogène diesel FG Wilson

Medium Range 225-938 kVA

Generator sets with 225 - 938 kVA rating for increased power needs, to receive powerful performance & world class power density.

Gamme Grande puissance GeniWatt Groupe électrogène diesel FG Wilson

Large Range >730 kVA

Generator sets with 730 - 2500 kVA rating, suitable for high power requirements such as data centres, airports, hospitals, etc.

Gamme de location GeniWatt Groupe électrogène diesel FG Wilson

Rental Range 20-500 kVA

Generator sets with 20 - 500 kVA rating that are designed to meet rigorous requirements of temporary power needs.


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