Protection of the power supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

GeniWatt offers you in stock the complete range of FG Wilson automatic and manual changeover panels (auto transfer switch), from model CTI63 to model ATI3200. This is designed to allow you to optimize the operation of your emergency generator, in association with our automatic control units, in order to take over the load of your installation automatically in the event of a network failure.

Why choose our changeover panels?

  • Mains loss detection (monitoring of 3 phases and neutral) and rotating field control, fully automatic generator set start control.
  • Preprogramming, with the possibility of customizing (adjustment of timing and switching on and off thresholds).
  • Fast switching times reducing transfer time between generator set and network.
  • Available in the range of 63 to 3200 Amps.
  • LCD display screen.


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