BESS Energy Storage

Emission-Free, Silent Power Solution

The GeniWatt BESS offers a revolutionary energy storage system designed to be paired with diesel generating sets. This solution optimizes energy production and consumption, significantly reducing noise, pollutant emissions, and engine operating times.
Featuring an advanced integrated energy control module, the GeniWatt BESS constantly monitors the load, and switches between the battery power source and the genset.


This solution is reliable and sustainable energy for any event, construction or telecom site, to provide energy, to power vehicles or to store solar energy, and beyond.

Our energy storage technology reduces CO2 emissions, is clean, silent and safe, an excellent asset to promote your company’s sustainable vision.

Our BESS solution cuts fuel costs, and reduces diesel engine runtime to increase genset asset life and decrease service frequency. To summarise, it reduces the TCO of your equipment & lower your CO2 emissions, to help you meet sustainable regulations & goals.

Our BESS solution enables to make rapid charging viable without grid. This efficient solution can be installed very quickly and can be combined with solar panels. 

Our BESS solution can be combined with solar panels to capture surplus energy during times of high production/low demand and store it to use during times of low production/high demand. Our solution makes the most of renewable energy.

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Fuel Consumption Reduction


Carbon Emission Reduction


Noise reduction


Maintenance costs


Longer Lifetime

Energy Control Module

The Energy Module Control, integrated to the BESS, enables you to visualize the most important information for a clear picture of the current status of the system performance, and to manage it. 

The Cloud-based platform allows remote access, data analytics, reporting, and business intelligence.

Energy from GeniWatt

At GeniWatt, we are a leader in generator solutions in Europe and Africa and we will partner our customers through the energy transition

We supply the equipment you need, but also offer full advice on fuel logistics and storage, on connection and operation.

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