POWR2 – GeniWatt Collaboration Brings More Battery Energy Storage Systems to France

BETHEL, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2024 /Press release from Powr2/ -- POWR2, a global leader in mobile battery energy storage solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with GeniWatt, based in the Nantes region of France. GeniWatt specializes in delivering comprehensive power solutions and now offers POWR2's acclaimed POWRBANK battery energy storage systems for immediate distribution throughout France. The POWRBANK seamlessly integrates with diesel generators or renewable energy sources and provides hours of clean, silent energy. This solution helps enhance energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and decrease maintenance costs in temporary power applications.

Established in 2011, GeniWatt has built a strong reputation for supplying power solutions across diverse sectors including banks and data centers, telecoms, hospitals and nursing homes, construction, offshore, agriculture, and marine industries. Their commitment to excellence and reliability aligns perfectly with POWR2’s mission to revolutionize energy storage worldwide.

POWR2 is dedicated to advancing temporary power solutions for industries such as equipment rental, construction, mining, events, and film/TV across more than 19 countries. With a strong commitment to innovation, POWR2 continuously leads advancements in mobile battery energy storage system (BESS) technology, providing solutions that enhance both profitability and sustainability.
The partnership with GeniWatt marks a significant step toward POWR2’s vision of a world powered by sustainable energy. By partnering with GeniWatt to distribute POWRBANK systems across France, POWR2 aims to meet the escalating demand for reliable and environmentally friendly power solutions in the region.

"GeniWatt exemplifies the thought leadership and industry expertise we look for in a partnership,” stated Hudson Nunn, VP of Corporate Strategy at POWR2. “We are confident that together, we can transform temporary power into more sustainable solutions across France.”

"We are pleased to represent the POWR2 brand in France, offering our customers a reliable, high-performance energy solution. GeniWatt supports its customers in the energy transition, and the POWR2 BESS, either on its own or combined with a genset and/or a renewable energy source, is a solution that will contribute to decarbonisation," says John Hegarty, General Manager at GeniWatt.

The POWRBANKs are now available in stock in France and ready for distribution. For further details, contact GeniWatt today or check GeniWatt BESS Solutions page.